"This report reflects the views of a group of civil society researchers and activists – convened by the APRM Monitoring Project (AMP) – on the implementation of the APRM in South Africa. It takes as supplementary reference points South Africa’s Implementation Reports (SAIRs). The report intends to complement the two SAIRs by providing evidence-based feedback on how the issues in the Country Review Report (CRR) have been addressed since 2007.The justice system, crime and violence theme interrogates concerns about upholding the law. The nation building theme encompasses matters relating to overcoming social divides. The APRM Forum requested South Africa to report on black economic empowerment (BEE) and affirmative action (AA). Conceptual issues exist about BEE, where it appears a few people with political connections benefit disproportionately. The theme of service delivery in South Africa is an important political question, and a constitutional requirement. The environment, land and agrarian reform theme explores two linked issues. Environmental issues have an influence on health and poverty. South Africa has environmental legislation, and specialised institutions, but legal obligations prove difficult to enforce."