Impact of HIV/AIDS on Public Sector Capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa: Towards a Framework for the Protection of Public Sector Capacity and Effective Response to the Most Affected Countries

"Never in history has there arisen such a widespread and fundamental threat to human development as the HIV/AIDS epidemic. As a result, one of the main challenges today for development management is how to address the massive loss of skills and experience from the public in Sub-Saharan Africa that has resulted from this pandemic, which has already reversed decades of hard-won socio-economic development progress in the African Continent. The specific objectives were to: assess the extent to which policy analysis and management capacity were affected; identify the competencies, specific skills and experiences which were most affected; provide a gender-based analysis of the lost competencies, skills and experiences; review and assess the number, quality and adequacy of HIV/AID awareness, education, information sharing and learning programmes in the public sector especially in core policy-making institutions."