Impact of Covid-19 Measures on Kenya’s Education Sector

Education is an important ingredient for human capital development. It trains manpower for all institutions whether private or public. Learning institutions comprise not only academic institutions but also training institutions such as those for teacher training, those training health personnel, information, communication and technology institutions, polytechnics, and many others. The closure of learning institutions due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant that the production of manpower in all sectors of the economy would adversely be affected. This study focuses on academic institutions, including primary and secondary schools, and universities. Specifically, the paper investigates the impact of the long closure of schools on private and informal community schools; analyzes the success of the online/remote learning; analyzes the impact of the long closure of schools on teachers, boys and girls; and investigates the learning institution’s level of preparedness to implement COVID-19 protocols when the institutions reopened in October 2020.