IEA Kenya Strategic Plan 2014 - 2018 Research, Informed Debate and Policy Innovation

This is the fourth Strategic Plan that was developed by the IEA Kenya and it continues the quest to consolidate the organization’s place as an open forum and research facility for topical policy discourse and development of innovative policy proposals in Kenya. While the foregoing strategic plan emphasized the centrality of dispassionate knowledge and evidence for informing policy discourse and policy engagement, they now advance that same tradition by re-emphasizing that facts count. The main focus of the organization is on the following four core policy areas: Trade and Development, Economic Regulation and Competition, Public Finance Management and Futures. These four policy areas are supported by a prominent communications capability and financial and administration component. The organization have taken cognizance that the discovery of a diverse set of natural resources in Kenya is bound to have policy consequences. As a result, they have placed this policy area within Special Projects and conducted foundation research to guide their thinking throughout this strategic plan.