IEA Kenya Strategic Plan 2004-2008 Volume 1 Strategic Agenda

The aim for the preparation of this strategic plan for 2004-2008 was to guide the Institute’s work during the years of transition following the election of a new president and party for the first time in Kenya’s 40 years in 2002. It is anticipated that these years will be characterised by initiatives intended to revive the economy and build sustainable institutions of democracy. The IEA intends to play a significant role in this process and hence the preparation of this strategic plan. The IEA started operations in 1994 and until 1999 it operated 2 distinct projects – the topical debates and the agenda series. In 1999 the organisation adopted a thematic approach to its topical debates. Within this plan, which covers the period 2004 – 2008 which was prepared to position the Institute to make a significant contribution to the institutionalisation of democratization and engagement during this period of transition. It is prepared one year into the transition. Unlike the heady first days early 2003 characterized by high expectations, Kenyans are now more conscious of the depth and breadth of required institutional reforms for the emergence of an accountable government that is kept in check by robust institutions and alert citizens. In pursuit of our vision of “An open Kenyan Society with a well managed economy that allows for an informed public participation where national interest, justice and dignity for all citizens are upheld”, the IEA has prepared this strategic plan to foster its mission in the realisation of this vision. In this regard the IEA has designed strategies that will enable the organisation to work with other Kenyans, within their national institutions and other organisations to influence decisions on the basis of knowledge and evidence.