Horn of Africa Bulletin Vol 27 No.5 September-October 2015

1.The article by Nimo-ilhan Ali: The quest to become a “Qurbajoog” focuses on a very different aspect of the perceived effect of Diaspora success and the paradoxical impact it has, in generating even more migration by Somaliland youth desperate to replicate the material success and heightened social stature of the Diaspora. 2. Cindy Horst wrote the article : Somalia’s hope for the future? The return of young Diaspora Somalis. This article is a useful and analytical take on the contradictions and gaps between the Diaspora’s self perceived ‘messianic role’ as political and economic saviours of their societies which is often resisted and viewed with suspicion by their compatriots who have remained home. Horst’s article is a useful reminder that the very distance that the Diaspora have travelled (metaphorically speaking) and which is often interpreted as a mark of success and a source of both tangible and intangible resources, can have its own pitfalls, when Diasporas take on an outsized political and economic role. 3. Markus Virgil Hoehne wrote the article : Somali and Ethiopian Diasporas for peace compared. This article deals with Somalia and the Ethiopian diasporas and their recent engagement for peace and stability in their places of origin in the Horn of Africa. People originating from both settings have a considerable migratory history in the region and beyond. 4. Nicole Hirt wrote the article: One Eritrean Generation, Two Worlds: The established Diaspora, the new exiles and their relations to the homeland focuses on the evolution over time of the Eritrean Diaspora engagement with the politics and the Government of Eritrea.