Horn of Africa Bulletin Vol 26 No.2 March-April 2014

01 Apr 2014

13pages PDF

In ‘South Sudan’ prior to mid-December 2013, South Sudan was thought by most observers to be a “post-conflict” country firmly on the (internationally mandated) statebuilding path. Since then, observers and South Sudanese alike have been surprised and horrified by the speed and severity of the disintegration of the nascent state. ‘Youth radicalisation in Kenya: Security versus communal approach’ argues for adopting a viable contextualised strategy to deal with the menace of radicalization through comprehensive and integrated approach, rather than a security-centred approach, which ultimately undermines the safety and security of society at large. The issue is concluded by a policy watch on ‘Layers of conflict in Somalia’ in which the ultimate objective of the regional and international community’s diplomatic and military engagement in south-central Somalia is to weaken and defeat al-Shabab.