Horn of Africa Bulletin Vol 25 No.5 September-October 2013

In ‘Kenyan state, society respond to extremist threat’ the gory spectacle of the 21 September attack on Nairobi’s Westgate Mall has been analysed from various perspectives. What the attackers wanted to achieve has also been extensively discussed by eminent scholars and analysts. This article attempts to look at the aftermath of the tragedy from the point of view of faith and inter-faith relations in Kenya and the response of Kenyan society and state to the threat posed by religious extremism. In ‘Double-edged constitutional gains for Somali women’ beyond structural discrimination, women and children comprise the largest group of refugees and internally displaced people. They are often forced to flee when their male family members are killed which translates into increased responsibility for them to provide care for their children and other members of the family on their own. In ‘Sharing the journey to reconciliation– What South Sudan can learn from South Africa’ South Sudan, like most countries whose past is marred by oppression, marginalisation and large scale human rights violations, faces significant challenges on its path to reconciliation. Almost five decades of civil war have significantly and negatively affected the population in a number of respects.