In ‘Kenya: A new test case for the ICC’ Kenyan stability requires human rights, the rule of law and a narrowing of the gap between the rich and the poor. This cannot simply be imposed through the strike of the gavel in an ICC court. In ‘Crafting foreign policy in a supranational organization: European Union lessons for the African Union’ while the role of supranational, regional institutions to enhance economic integration has long been accepted, its role in crafting foreign policy is still contested. It is understood that the sovereign state is responsible for developing its foreign policy in order to “achieve its goals in its relations with external entities. In ‘The centrality of local peacebuilding methodologies,’ there is growing recognition of the ubiquity and importance of locally led peacebuilding initiatives in conflict and post-conflict situations. Local peacebuilding intervention programmes are usually designed, as a matter of priority to include a clear understanding of the social, religious, cultural, philosophical, economic and political dynamics of the local communities in Kenya’s Sotik/Borabu border. The bulletin then refers to other resources.