Horn of Africa Bulletin, Volume 31, Issue 1, March-April 2019

This issue of the HAB had the objective of understanding the impact of China’s expanding influence in the Horn of Africa by foregrounding perspectives not just from the Horn but also perspectives that are alternative. The articles in this issue of the HAB have not only achieved the goal of foregrounding perspectives absent from mainstream coverage of Sino-Africa relations but have also addressed under explored aspects of the relationship between China and the Horn. The article by Dr. Ferras explores the expansion of foreign (non-African) military bases in Djibouti and explores the motivations and incentives that explain this trend. The article by Mushtaq is a very interesting exploration of an aspect of China’s growing global influence that is often ignored, specifically the notion of soft power and the Chinese media expanding presence in Africa. Mr. Ahmed’s article is more narrowly focused on analyzing the possible implications of a fishery agreement between the Somalia Federal Government and China. The final article in this issue of the HAB discusses China’s expanding economic and political weight in the Horn by situating it in a global and regional context defined by seismic shifts in the global balance of power and the parallel Western, Gulf and Turkish scramble for military and economic influence in the region.