Horn of Africa Bulletin Vol 30 No 4 November-December 2018

The November-December 2018 issue of the Horn of Africa Bulletin (HAB) on political transitions is broaching one of the most critical and contemporary political developments in the region. Over the course of 2018, the HAB has tried to generate perspectives and create the space for debate on key politico-security dynamics in the region as exemplified by the March-April 2018 issue focusing on maritime security dynamics and the July-August issue titled, “Imagining Peace: Ethio-Eritrean Rapprochement”. The articles in this issue of the HAB focus on current transitions in the Horn. Inevitably, three out of four articles focus on Ethiopia, with one article addressing the potential for political transition in Uganda. The jointly authored article by Ferras and Bach addresses the interface between the momentous political developments in Ethiopia and shifting regional dynamics in the Horn. Noah’s article on the prospects and potential pathways to a transition in Uganda is insightful in its exploration of transition in a country poorly explored when speaking about the Horn as well as its focus on the youth dimension to transitions. Gebissa’s article is a panoramic and comprehensive overview of the key issues and challenges that may obstruct or roll back the current wave of political change in Ethiopia. His article should be mandatory reading for all those with a stake in understanding of the current transition in Ethiopia and who envisage a role for themselves in driving or facilitating the process. The final article in this issue of the HAB by Daba focuses on the role of faith-based organizations in conflict resolution and peacebuilding in Ethiopia. The article argues that faith-based institutions in Ethiopia are uniquely well placed to take the initiative in conflict resolution and reconciliation activities.