Horn of Africa Bulletin Vol 24 No 6 November-December 2012

“The search for peace in the Horn: An optimistic note” acknowledges that the Horn of Africa has had and still continues to have intractable problems. Thus this article takes an optimistic view that recognizes the region’s inherent challenges but also acknowledges recent progresses that offer opportunities for promoting conditions for lasting peace and stability. The second article “Security and foreign policy in post-transitional Somalia: A brief assessment” aims to assess the current picture of Somalia. It will examine some of the key challenges, observations and strategies for the new Somali leadership. It will furthermore propose a number of policy options on reconciliation, governance and security issues. The third article “One year down the line in Kenya: Al-Shabaab versus KDF and increased insecurity” aims to discuss how the military defeat of Al-Shabaab by Kenya has increased attacks on Kenyan soil and endangered the Kenyan state. The fourth article “Is state building working in South Sudan?” aims to discuss the major issues which South Sudan has faced during their time of state building. These issues have then led to the belief that South Sudan has failed in their attempt at state building.