Hope and Life Access to ARVs in a Community Context: Rural-Urban Experiences in Burkina Faso

High levels of HIV/AIDS-related stigma was revealed in the survey findings. After the discovery of their status, many individuals experience rejection and/or isolation. In all likelihood due to the fear of rejection by family and/or friends – around one third said that they had not spoken to anyone about being HIV positive. With regards to physical symptoms and impact on professional life, a significant number spoke of experiencing fatigue and some also mentioned increased absences from work. A few also reported a drop in income resulting from a reduction and/or loss of employment. The research sought to get an understanding of how ARV treatment affects the various spheres of the lives of people living with HIV: their professional lives; their physical and emotional health; their social relations; and their financial status. To this end, information was gathered about their situation after discovery of their HIV status, but prior to commencing treatment and also about their situation after treatment commenced.