The seminar followed an earlier meeting organised by the CCR and UNAM on the theme, “Strengthening Namibia’s Chair of the SADC Organ: HIV/AIDS and Southern Africa’s Security Architecture”, in Windhoek, Namibia, in November 2005. This meeting examined ways of supporting and strengthening the government of Namibia’s role as the chair of the SADC Organ. Following the November meeting, the government of Namibia suggested that a follow-up policy seminar to examine prospects for strengthening southern Africa’s response to HIV/AIDS in the defence and security sectors be organised to enhance its leadership and the evolution of SADC’s security architecture. The February 2006 meeting brought together a diverse group of policymakers, representatives of civil society, military experts and HIV/AIDS management and mitigation practitioners. The discussion focused on the following six themes: The following six specific themes and issues were addressed during the policy seminar: • Shaping the Future: SADC’s Response to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic; • Africa’s New Security Agenda: HIV/AIDS, the AU and SADC; and • HIV/AIDS and the Military: What Works? Lessons in Prevention, Management and Treatment. Halting the HIV/AIDS Pandemic: Sub-Regional Approaches; • Accelerating the Response to HIV/AIDS: The Role of the UN; and • Southern Africa’s Framework for Security: Constraints and Limitations for Including HIV/AIDS.