HIV/AIDS and Human Rights in Zimbabwe

"This report is a summary of national HIV/AIDS policies, strategic frameworks, legislation, guidelines and court cases in Zimbabwe as they relate to HIV/AIDS and human rights. A national consultant in Zimbabwe collected the relevant documents, answered a questionnaire that was developed to structure the research, and commented on the final report. This report begins by briefly sketching the HIV/AIDS background for SADC and Zimbabwe, through listing some critical statistics. The report then provides an analysis of the most important international, regional and SADC principles for HIV/AIDS and human rights, providing an overall framework against which the country report should be seen. The country report is a summary of the legal and policy framework for the protection of the human rights of those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe, and addresses areas such as labour, health, gender, children, prisons and criminal law. This is followed by a concluding chapter with some recommendations regarding moving towards a rights-based approach to HIV/AIDS in the SADC."