Harnessing Wind Energy for Climate Change Adaptation and Food Security in Coastal Regions of Ghana: A Policy Perspective

"Agriculture is the mainstay of the economies of many rural coastal communities in Ghana. Due to changing climatic conditions, the economy of these communities is experiencing low productivities that in turn lower their living standards. Poor and erratic rainfall patterns, high incidence of pest and disease outbreaks, severe and prolonged droughts, among others, have led to persistent crop failure making agricultural practice less attractive to the youth. In other words, agricultural practice is left to the poor and older generation, who are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change as their livelihood is gradually being eroded. To curb the tides of diminishing economic fortunes, rapid rural-urban migration and build climate change adaptation resilience there is a need to address the distinct climatic needs of these coastal communities so as to speed up their adaptation innovations and behavioral changes."