This paper maps SADC countries’ readiness for the Fourth Industrial Revolution from a strategic policy perspective. It focuses specifically on the digital connectivity and skills components of the 4IR, given their role in creating an enabling environment for industrial development in emerging markets. The paper undertakes three country case studies: South Africa, Lesotho and Malawi, examining supply-side policy related to information and communications technology service provision and regulation, and demand-side policy related to digital skills and innovation. The findings highlight priorities for the region, including policies and technologies to support affordable Internet service provision in rural areas, public sector capacitation and sensitisation, education and skills policy reform, and the creation of political and public buy-in for strong national visions of digital societies. From this analysis, the paper seeks to paint a picture of SADC countries’ overall 4IR readiness, while also highlighting global best practice and offering recommendations on potential enabling roles for the SADC Secretariat