Handbook on Kenya's Electoral Laws and Systems: Highlights of the Electoral Laws and System established by and under the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and other Statutes

"The Handbook on Kenya’s Electoral Laws and System provides timely and invaluable one-stop reference to the electoral reforms recently undertaken in Kenya. By relating to international best practices, Conventions and special interest groups in elections, the Handbook is expected to broaden the reader’s understanding of election management and the institutionalization of democracy in Kenya and beyond. It goes further to demystify the new form of representation in Kenya by elaborating the six elective positions and the minimum requirements for nomination or election of candidates, the pre-polling processes including the nomination process, the actual election day and post-polling activities such as election petitions. The Handbook further gives an insight into the new requirements of political parties under the new constitutional dispensation and outlines the myriad of offences in the two Acts. This handbook provides an overview of the electoral law regime in Kenya. It comprehensively covers the electoral system in Kenya and the structure and functions of the key organ responsible for electoral management in the country. Further, it gives an insight on political and related rights as envisaged in our current electoral law."