"The aim of this policy brief is to draw attention to some of the main challenges that the newly elected president of Guinea will face, and to formulate policy recommendations in view of addressing these challenges. For the first time since it regained its independence in 1958, Guinea has a president who has been democratically elected without any undue advantage of incumbency. Given the many challenges facing the country, it is evident that the new president does not come with a magical wand capable of solving all the problems overnight. Nonetheless, he has the onerous task of meeting at least some of the pressing popular expectations of Guineans. The policy brief identifies five main areas to which the president should give priority, namely: (i) national reconciliation; (ii) inclusive governance, in the sense that the political opposition is regarded as a partner rather than an adversary; (iii) the fight against impunity and the establishment of the rule of law; (iv) reform of the security sector; and (v) improvement of the living conditions of the masses."