Greening Uganda's 2016: General Elections Key Issues for Political Parties and Political Leaders to Address in their Manifestos

Different measures were put in place by the Ugandan government in order to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of the environment and natural resources. Much remains to be done to address the current challenges. The general elections in 2016 provides the opportunity for the current government, political parties in opposition and other actors to rethink their policies and strategies concerning the environment and natural resources in light of current challenges and new developments. For the enormous contribution that the ENR Sector makes to national growth and development and to poverty reduction and peoples’ welfare, the National Resistance Movement (NRM), opposition political parties and political actors should prioritize and adequately address ENR issues in their manifestos. Some of the major issues in the ENR sector was highlighted in this policy briefing paper which needs to be addressed and provided some recommendations on how some of them can be addressed in the manifestos of the different actors. It remains to be seen how the manifestos will address the issues highlighted in this paper.