Green Industrialization in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Guide for Policy Makers

This guide has been written as a reference tool for policy makers and planners on formulating policies and programmes that are supportive of green industrialization in SSA countries. In particular, the guide has aimed to provide a workable definition for green industrialization and to identify common policies, programmes and instruments for directly greening industries and services. In closing, two important factors will need to be considered by policy makers in the region in pursuing the path towards green industrialization. First, governments will need to recognize that greening industry requires more than a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to which African industry is a minor contributor globally. Rather, the successful greening of industry also requires significant reductions in conventional pollutants in urban areas with concentrated industrial activity, improvements in energy efficiency needed to reduce the energy intensity of outdated technologies, and the effective management of chemical and hazardous wastes. Second, countries throughout the region will need to correct the data deficit regarding the economic and environmental dimensions of green industrialization and the implementation of existing policies and support programmes that have the potential to drive green industrialization.