Governing and Managing the Defence Sector

"The book begins by describing the wider security sector: what it is,how it functions and how the parts should fit together. Then defence issues are covered more specifically, including the purpose and roles of the military, the internal management of the wider defence sector, and the making and implementation of defence policy. This is the relatively technical, managerial element of the subject, hence the word ‘managing’ in the title. But the title also talks of ‘governing’ the security sector, recognising that wider, non-technical issues are involved as well. The term ‘governing’ is not ideal and has been subject to much criticism in the last few years, but it is a useful one in that it reminds us of a dimension that goes beyond the internal management of the defence sector. This dimension includes the relationship of the defence sector with the wider government system, with external actors such as parliament, and with the democratic process as a whole."