"The papers published in this volume were selected from the conference whose theme was "Governance, Society and Development in Kenya" . The papers fall under three broad themes namely: Social Policy Frameworks; Education and Research and Gender and Health. The first five papers address various issues made under the rubric of social policy frameworks. The first paper, examines the socio-political context in which Kenya's development strategies have been conceived and implemented spanning three regimes: colonialism, Kenyatta and Moi. The second paper reviews and critiques social change paradigms within which post-colonial states such as Kenya have had to operate. In the third paper Dr Grephas Opata examines the theoretical underpinnings upon which development strategies of the Kenyan government were formulated. The fourth paper under this theme gives a critical review of development administration and planning process in Kenya. In the last paper under this theme, Professor Kitula King'ei explores the dynamics underlying the relationship between the Kenya government and the people in the area of language policy. The second theme, Education and Research, comprises four papers. In the first paper in this theme, Professor Samuel Gudu examines the role and state of research at universities in Africa. The second paper in this section highlights the need for intellectual property policies for universities. Mr Martin Wasike examines the challenges facing the education for all (EFA) initiative in Kenya in the 21st century. The last paper under this theme ventures into an analysis of the relationship between sexual maturation and retention in Primary Schools. The last theme of this book is Gender and Health. In this paper, Ms Nyokabi Kamau posits that the potential of women in the struggle against HIV/Aids has not been fully recognized and exploited."