"Good governance is a major challenge to African States. The main objective of this study was to encourage and keep track of improvements in good governance in Botswana by monitoring and publicising progress, or the lack thereof. Specific objectives were to: assess the level of representation, analyse institutional effectiveness and also to examine economic governance. It is concluded that Botswana has a strong, authoritarian state with strong institutional capacities. The first chapter gives a brief introduction to the study of governance in Botswana, as well as the definition of good governance. Further issues discussed include: a background was given of the political and economic setting in Botswana; an assessment of the political representation; issues relating to macroeconomic management, corruption and the economic prospects for the future; the three arms of government, the legislature, executive and judiciary. Issues of the separation of powers, constitutionalism, human rights and access to public services and decentralization are also discussed."