Governance and Socio Economic Development after the 2001 Elections : Problems and Prospects

"Seventeen papers were presented by thirteen lecturers from the University of Zambia, Copperbelt University and from the Zambia Insurance Business College Trust. The first three papers focused on issues of democracy and governance in Zambia. The first paper looks at ways in which the electoral system has influenced presidential and parliamentary elections in Zambia since the advent of multi party democracy in terms of process and outcome. The second paper analyzes the root causes of this political paranoia and discusses how the idea of citizenship in Zambia has been used as an important tool in conferring political rights in the political community. Paper three discusses the reasons for defections, resignations and expulsions for democracy, good governance and conflict resolutions in Zambia. Papers 4,5,6 focus on administrative issues e.g the successes and failures of education and health boards - aimed to improve the provision of public services. The tenth paper attemps to identify issues relating to poverty. The eleventh discusses the impact of HIV/AIDS on the education system. The twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth papers focus on the impact of HIV/AIDS on the society. The final paper examines factors that lead Zambian women to commit imprisonable offences."