This presentation was made at the African Regional Forum Session of the International Bar Association Annual Conference in Nigeria. Firstly a brief background is given to global warming and climate change. Then the following question is asked : Why is Global Warming a Problem? Due to the ecology of the planet consisting of a complex web of interdependent physical and biological systems; Human lives literally depend directly and indirectly on these systems. The following issues are then briefly discussed: Impacts of Global Warming. The reality for lawyers in Africa is discussed next. It states that lawyers in the developed countries and in few developing countries have risen up to the challenge in order to keep up with developments in their jurisdiction and with their clients. Lawyers in Africa are yet to make the connection. It is not sufficient to rely on global expertise which most times are lacking on significant national and often regional learning components. Making Connections discusses What has been our contribution to comprehensive legislation required to mainstream mitigation and adaptation strategies in Africa? Following onto this the Implications of Connections is then discussed. Finally the critical role for lawyers in Africa is discussed and What the benefits are for Green firms.