Getting to Grips with Trafficking Reflections on Human Trafficking Research in South Africa

"This monograph aims to inform such research and motivates for more extensive and representative investigations into human trafficking in South Africa. Chapter Two examines the evolution of the concept of trafficking,how it is defined in the Palermo Protocol and the political issues surrounding the current conceptualisation of trafficking. Chapter Three discusses the definitional and methodological challenges faced by those doing research on trafficking, and how this affects the quality and accuracy of studies on trafficking. Chapter Four examines South African-based research and identifies the gaps. With a view to informing more comprehensive research in South Africa, Chapter Five considers the key issues and lessons emerging from international studies on trafficking and its related topics. Chapter Six investigates what is needed for a sophisticated approach to studying trafficking, and provides examples of creative methodologies that could be applied in efforts to extend the boundaries of trafficking research in South Africa. The final chapter pulls together the findings of the two preceding chapters and suggests directions for future research on trafficking in South Africa."