G20 Compact with Africa: Consolidating and Accelerating Rwanda's Transformation Agenda

Rwanda harnessed the G20 Compact with Africa (CwA) initiative as a framework to accelerate and consolidate its economic transformation agenda in line with the country’s Vision 2050. The CwA will enable Rwanda to develop its infrastructure, grow the private sector, eradicate poverty, expand its middle class and increase inflows of foreign direct investment (FDI). All the economic stakeholders are enthusiastic about the direction and potential of the CwA in Rwanda so far. Initial analysis shows a strong take-off in the country in the development of the macroeconomic, business and financial frameworks of the compact. The Rwandese case proves that a reform culture capital is an asset that surpasses the availability of natural resources. Yet despite its reform-centred leadership and its status as a reform-based role model, it is unlikely that Kigali will be able to influence the region, let alone the entire continent.