From Market for Force to Market for Peace Private Military and Security Companies in Peacekeeping Operations

"This monograph contributes to the debate on the use of private military and security companies (PMSCs). Its specific focus is on the proliferation of these private actors in peacekeeping operations on the African continent. PMSCs, as distinct from their mercenary predecessors, are a relatively new phenomenon, and the monograph seeks to open up discussion by offering the perspectives of five authors from varying disciplines. While the trend towards the increased use of private operators is gaining momentum, it cannot be accepted without circumspection. As the title of this monograph suggests, one of the key questions is how these companies have within a short space of time made the transition from operators in the ‘market for force’ to operators in the ‘market for peace’. In light of their unprecedented expansion and of the negative publicity they have received in the past two decades, the question of the regulation of these companies looms large."