Frelimo and the transitional government of Mozambique: The Lusaka agreement

"In terms of the Lusaka Agreements the terms of which are reproduced in the first part of this paper, a transitional Government has been formed in Mozambique, whose task is to prepare for the coming of independence on 25 June, 1975, A High Commissioner representing the Portuguese President and Government, has also been appointed in terms of the Agreement, in the person of Rear Admiral Victor Crespo. Six Ministers in the transitional Government have been appointed by Frelimo.On the occasion of the investitute, or swearing in, of the members of the new Government in Lourenco Marques on 20 September, 1974, a long message from Samora Machel (who was not present himself) was read to the gathering, conveying the aims of Frelimo in Mozambique and the policies to be followed in various areas of internal development. An English translation (from Portuguese) of this important policy statement is reproduced in full in the second part of this paper."