Foresight Africa: Top Priorities for the Continent in 2019

This edition of Foresight Africa illuminates the priorities of the continent in the coming year, with recommendations for tackling the challenges that lie ahead. In Chapter 1, authors examine how good governance, elections, and institutions of democracy are advancing across countries. Much of Africa’s economic development depends on governance that serves the interest of ordinary citizens, advances democratic values, and quashes corruption. In Chapter 2, the leadership of South Africa and Nigeria share their respective approaches to achieving this feat. One key risk threatening the regional outlook is what many fear is a looming debt crisis. To sustain growth, many governments must balance between mobilizing financial resources for economic development and controlling indebtedness. In Chapter 3, authors offer strategies for countries to secure large-scale employment opportunities for youth and for realizing the demographic dividend. Although economic growth prospects bring hope, extreme poverty and state fragility prevails in parts of Africa. In Chapter 4, authors argue for institutional changes and new approaches to eliminate poverty and fragility, so no country is left behind. One recurring recommendation is for solutions anchored in private sector development. In Chapter 5, authors document why Africa is the world’s next big growth market and recommend strategies for successfully navigating the region’s business landscape. On the trade and investment front, the AfCFTA stands to knock down barriers to intra-continental trade and investment, thus accelerating industrialization, and facilitating economic diversification and inclusion. Globally, Africa continues to attract interest from the likes of the U.S. and China. In Chapter 6, authors assess the potential of the AfCFTA and look at the implications of the new free trade agreement.