Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa: Origins, Targets, Impact and Potential

"The general objective of the work in this volume is therefore to identify the determinants of FDI in Africa, which of them have worked for which countries, and to specify what African countries need to do in order to integrate into the global financial markets. Using appropriate theoretical and analytical frameworks, the studies in the volume assess and analyse the various factors influencing the volume of FDI in African countries, breaking it down along the various components of FDI and analysing the various determinants. Specifically, the studies in this volume analyse the following issues, among others: 1)The determination of FDI in general and specifically to Africa including emphasizing the determinants of different types of FDI. 2)The institutional structures and others that are necessary for countries to be attractive to different types of FDI. 3)The experience of developing countries (particularly in Asia and emerging economies) that have been successful in attracting FDI and the lessons Africa can learn from them."