Follow the Money: A Research Report on Party and Campaign Finance in South Africa’s 2019 Elections

This report is presented in ten chapters, the first being this introductory chapter which presents an overview of the research methodology and approach. The second chapter provides an overview of the party and campaign finance regulatory framework in South Africa. The third chapter presents a contextual overview of the 2019 elections in South Africa. Chapters four to nine present the findings from the provinces in the following order: Western Cape, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, Limpopo, and Free State. The provincial case studies provide an overview of the political context of the province, stakeholder perception of the PPFA, findings on campaign expenditure which highlight direct and indirect expenditure by different parties, the culture of handouts, and trends in campaign donations. The chapters also provide data on observed campaign expenditure trends that were collected and verified through comparative market surveys. The final, tenth chapter presents conclusions and recommendations drawn on the basis of the research findings.