First impressions of a changing South Africa

This paper is based on the text of the speech delivered by Mr. Reeve on the occasion of the Witwatersrand Branch of the Institute’s Annual General Meeting on 27 November 1991. It discusses the recent unexpected changes in South Africa, the process of change, and remaining problems like living conditions, the housing problem and education. Political and economic reforms cannot be reversed, but more still needs to be done. Democracy by itself is not sufficient for South Africa - it needs a new political culture with tolerance and respect for human rights, and rising violence and economic problems need to be overcome. The article continues to discuss Britain’s involvement in South Africa’s future. Both countries’ have a shared history, Britain has an interest in prosperity and good government in South African, and it can provide aid and initiative as well as contribute to debate on the country’s future. The author concludes that a great deal of work remains to be done, but that Britain will stand by South Africa in the future