First Annual Report on Corruption Trends in Uganda: Using the Data Tracking Mechanism

"This report has reviewed multiple sources of data which shed light on corruption in Uganda. While some areas of anti-corruption activity reveal strong performance – particularly those related to the legal and regulatory framework – other areas indicate weak performance of government, in particular, political governance, procurement, enforcement of anti-corruption laws, and citizen and enterprise bribery. In addition, some data merits additional investigation, such as bribery data which varies depending on source and methodology. These particular sets of data will undergo further evaluation as we monitor corruption trends in 2011. It is important to note that a number of GoU entities have taken it upon themselves to track data related to corruption on a consistent and frequent basis. This is a critical first step for establishing a foundation for expanding government activities to understand and combat public sector corruption, and to design reforms with stronger safeguards for public resources. The IG, UBOS, DPP, and the Police merit recognition in this area. Our recommendations below involve broader proposals associated with the government’s anti-corruption effort, as well as more specific suggestions associated with individual Ministry, Department, or Agency activities or supporting governmental efforts. More specific recommendations are made in the individual sections of this report. We recommend that relevant functional and sectoral governmental institutions review the sections of the report which are pertinent to their mandate."