Final Report for African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) Collaborative Research Project on Impact of China-Africa Aid Relations: the Case of Sudan

"This project provides an in-depth case analysis of Chinese aid and development assistance as well as international aid to Sudan and explains that aid constitutes one of the key channels through which the impact of China economic growth are transmitted to Sudan as a case of African economy. Therefore, it would be useful to examine the motives and effectiveness of Chinese aid and development assistance to Sudan. This study aims to address the following issues: a detailed and comparative review of international aid to Sudan(size and sectoral distribution), the key features of and the significance of Chinese aid against aid from other donors over the period (1997-2007). A detailed analysis of the disciplinary focus of Chinese training and scholarship programmes paying attention to the relative influence of national authorities and Chinese authorities in determining the disciplinary focus of such assistance, i.e., the extent to which the assistance is demand or donor driven. A detailed analysis of Chinese aid-assisted construction of buildings and other infrastructures, the presence of implicit capacity building and the implication for project maintenance programme, the nature and extent of implicit technology transfer; the sources of material inputs used and the short and long term implications."