Final Report: Diagnostic Study on the Gender-Responsiveness of the South African National Evaluation System

Twende Mbele (TM) has commissioned Singizi to assess the extent to which the South African Government-Wide M&E System (GWM&E), National Evaluation System (NES) and related government-wide monitoring systems are adequately designed to respond to gender. This is in support of a previous, broader report by AGDEN Consulting, attempting to map the gender-responsiveness of those elements. Phase 2 of Twende Mbele starts in March 2018, offering an opportunity to finance the piloting of select strategic interventions to improve capacity and systems around gender. This report is therefore intended to provide insights from key stakeholders into options for potential investments by Twende Mbele into South African GWM&E. This assessment aims to describe the level of gender-responsiveness in key policies and processes, as well as understand the extent to which there is gender disaggregation in the data that is collected to monitor and evaluate progress through the 14 Outcomes of the Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF), and, in a number of cases, these relate to the Annual Performance Planning (APP) processes. It is intended that this will also aid the identification of opportunities within existing processes within GWM&E to mainstream gender.