Farmers' Response and Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change in Mafeteng District, Lesotho

"Over the years, Lesotho has witnessed changes in climatic conditions which are influencing the level of agricultural production (crop yield and quality) and general livelihoods. This study was carried out at Kolo and Ts’akholo areas in Mafeteng district of Lesotho to assess the response of farmers to changing climate and its impact on their livelihoods, and the potential of the three agricultural systems namely; agroforestry, conservation agriculture and conventional agriculture as adaptation strategies to climate change. Farmers in Kolo and Ts’akholo reported experiencing drought, sporadic and heavy rainfall periods, soil erosion, declining yield, pests and disease infestation, and short growing season and these have led to them developing their own adaptation/coping strategies to climate change. Some of the adaptation strategies include water harvesting technologies, conservation tillage, use of keyhole and trench gardens, agroforestry and application of traditional medicine to control pests and diseases. However, farmers in the two areas have an urgent need for support from either the government or local NGO’s in terms of improved seeds, inputs subsidies, trainings, information and knowledge sharing."