Exploring Missing Dimensions of Poverty Data in Chad, from a Capability Approach: Case Study of N'Djamena Population

With 55 percent of the population living below the (monetary) poverty line, and 36 percent living in extreme poverty, Chad is rated as one of the world’s poorest countries. According to mainstream poverty analyses, based exclusively on a monetary approach, poverty in Chad is essentially concentrated in rural areas, where 87 percent of the country’s poor (according to monetary measures) live. According to survey results, N’Djamena households are poor or “deprived” in 5 of the 12 indicators, in average, and deprivation is most severe in the dimensions of labor conditions (or rather job insecurity) and housing (or living conditions). Results from the analysis also show that the particular contribution of the (previously) “missing dimensions” of welfare, in the assessment of households’ level of deprivation (or poverty), is significant.