The objective of this work therefore, is to evaluate two government social protection programmes namely, the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), and the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programme in the country. Specifically, the study will: Evaluate the above social protection programmes in terms of their: (a)Participation Equity (b) Efficiency (c) Sustainability (d) Profile in depth, the programmes that meet these criteria of success. (e) Analyse the possibility of scaling up some of the successful schemes. The above stated objectives will be achieved through answering the following questions: Do the programmes or interventions directed to those it was meant for? Do the benefit from the programme or intervention accrued to individuals according to their need? Does the programme or intervention achieve the stated goals? Does it have unintended effects on participants? Are programme impacts stronger for particular groups or subsets of participants? Is the programme cost effective in relation to other options? What are likely reasons why the programme is or isn’t successful? How can the design or implementation be changed to improve performance?