"The broad aim of this research project is to generate innovative approaches and coherent policy messages with which youth employment and poverty reduction can be generated from economic growth at a faster pace in Rwanda. The first part of this study, is a qualitative evaluation of Rwanda's youth and employment policies including, youth and women action plans and all the initiatives under the different sectors that relate to promoting employment in Rwanda. The second part of this research will be quantitative data analysis to determine the nature of the growth-employment and poverty reduction relationship in Rwanda over time. The first part of this mid-term evaluation report presents a situation analysis of the management and implementation aspects of Rwanda’s policy environment with respect to youth and women employment in Rwanda. The report gives a diagnostic assessment of the current views that stakeholders generally have about the National employment policies, their initiatives and action plans and more importantly, their management. Here, we assess the extent to which employment policies and initiatives coordinated at the intra-governmental level in Rwanda i.e. between the different government ministries and agencies."