"In this paper, key issues have been identified, as well as policy research questions and also concerns of SSA arising from the emergence of ADs in the oil and gas industries. In order to provide a basis for articulating appropriate responses by African policy makers and other stake-holders, a framework for the assessment and analysis of those points have been provided. Quite a number of issues, policy research questions and concerns are country-specific. The general framework provided should be just considered as a guideline for necessary and indispensable country case studies. The following questions, among the number of pertinent ones to be addressed in the country studies, have to be answered: What are the implications of the rising demand for oil and gas for the country? What are the direct and indirect consequences on the country’s oil and gas industries in particular, and the entire economy in general? What are distributional and environmental impacts of the activities of ADs in the oil and gas sectors in the country? What should be the appropriate policy response of country’s government and oil and gas industries’ stakeholders?"