Environmental Diplomacy and Human Security: The First Joint Workshop of the Foreign Service Institute, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kenya, and the ISS, South Africa

"The first part of this report introduces the phenomenon of environmental diplomacy to the diplomat and other government officials. Dr Chris Abongo provides the necessary contextual analysis of environmental diplomacy, policy-making and practice. Of essence is his discussion on how environmental diplomacy and policymaking differs from the traditional fields of international relations as regards foreign policy analysis, diplomacy, international law and conflict management. The second presentation deals with the more substantive debates of environmental processes and the now systemic debate on genetically modified organisms(GMO)and addresses, amongst others, bio-safety legislation, their relevance to Kenya’s food security predicament, and major challenges to the development of bio- technology research in the country.The third presentation, deals mainly with climate change, in particular the Kyoto Protocol, its relevance to Kenya and diplomatic engagement on the issue. Kenya’s involvement with climate change diplomacy essentially arose from its participation on the Inter- national Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The fourth presentation on CITES gives a critical assessment of the implications of this convention for Kenya’s environmental policy. Together these four presentations, and the contributions by other speakers, outline the substance of what constitutes environmental diplomacy."