The first article entitled: Local PV modules to play a key role in the REIPPP Round 4 on page 1 discusses the manufacturing of PV Models and in Enertis’ opinion, the future performance of the PV plants operating across South Africa depends on several factors – adequate planning and engineering, correct construction and operation of the assets, good selection of equipment. The second article on page 3: South African natural gas company makes clear its intention to contribute to the gas procurement programme in South Africa - this closed forum welcomed those responding to the recent gas to power procurement programme RFI and was held with the full support of the Department of Energy’s IPP Office. Also on page 3 : The Launch of Oxfam’s discussion paper, brings together the two challenges of development and environmental sustainability, based on the concept of planetary and social boundaries. On page 4 : Fossil fuels in South Africa – what factors will drive future use? Analyzes the key issues associated with the prolonged use of fossil fuels in South Africa. On page 5 the financial benefits and huge cost savings from renewable energy is discussed within the first half of 2015. Advanced manufacturing-related RDI opportunities on page 6 discusses the outcomes of a workshop held in Pretoria on 1 July 2015, to explore various advanced manufacturing related research, development and innovation (RDI) project opportunities which is open to South African industry and researchers. On page 7: African power utility sector shines bright about the outlook ahead discusses PWC’s Africa power and utilities survey with fifty one senior power and utility that took part in it. Survey finds companies and sector stakeholders optimistic about a range of key African electricity issues. 96% say there is a medium or high probability that load shedding will be the exception rather than the norm by 2025. On page 8 the article discusses How the meeco Group, engineers its solar solutions. On page 9 the article is about the African oil and gas organizations plan for an upturn in the oil price. On page 14 the article is about : the first intra-African transaction of carbon credits in West Africa. On page 18 the article is entitled: Scatec Solar to build first large scale solar plant in West Africa. Also on page 18 the Global leaders meeting for World Energy Council Executive Assembly is discussed. On page 19, the article discusses the Sustainable Energy and Environment Protection Conference. Several smaller articles follows: page 20: Fynbos fuel properties, as well as Energy Modelling and Computations in the Building Envelope . Page 21 : Women in oil and gas conference. Page 22: APO Announces the winner of the 2015 APO Energy Media Award . Page 23 North West University hosts Solar PV introductory training . Page 24 Green public relations.