Emerging Women Entrepreneurs in Sudan: Individual Characteristics, Obstacles and Empowerment

"This research focuses on three issues: the personal characteristics and motivations of the female Entrepreneurs of Sudan, how conducive is the business environment for the female entrepreneurs of Sudan in terms of availability of finance and supporting infrastructural services and the major constraints imposed by the society’s attitudes and government regulations on business start-up, taxes and labour that may still impede female entrepreneurs of Sudan. The study used survey methodology and the questionnaire research method to collect data from 142 female businesses of different sizes, in different geographical locations and in different industries. Businesswomen have immense problems accessing finance and many aspects of infrastructural services and government regulations on business start-up and taxes that are not business-friendly either. Unexpectedly, the research findings indicate society’s positive attitudes to businesswomen. The study has made some recommendations including making microfinance initiative easily accessible, improving infrastructure, streamlining government regulations on starting-up business and licensing, introducing tax reforms and incentives, organizing businesswomen in the informal sector and enhancing businesswomen organizations’ relations with universities."