Emerging Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation: A Case Study in Dangbe East District of Ghana

The coastlines of Ghana present significant wind potential which if properly harnessed could provide alternative livelihood opportunities and speed up climate change adaptation processes among those communities hard-hit by climate change effects. To establish the technical and economic potential of wind resource for energy production and productive application, there is the need to investigate the baseline frameworks and use optimized wind energy tools to generate results for effective wind energy planning. Ground wind data search and analysis, overall energy situation and energy policy environment formed the core of establishing the technical potentials and economic opportunities of wind energy in the Dangbe East District. This report covers largely the wind resource potential and policy framework; and effective indigenous and emerging technologies and innovations for climate change adaptation in the Dangbe East District of Ghana. It covers the capacity building of farming communities toward behavioural change to climate change and adaptation strategies and the marketing of the wind potential to stimulate investment in further resource exploration.