"This election update comprises several articles, written by several authors. Chris Landsberg wrote about the 2004 Election Campaign. Tito Pitso wrote about the Management of election-related conflicts. Sydney Letsholo discussed political violence, intimidation and the role of security forces in Gauteng. Michael O’Donovan examined the subject of winning the attention of the media. Kholofelo Mashabela discussed the events in the Limpopo Province. His article is entitled: Gearing up for the Elections. Laurence Piper talked about the oddness of party campaigning in KZN under the heading : Waiting for the bargaining. Shauna Mottiar discussed the Campaigning in Kwazulu-Natal. Angelique Harsant and Willem Ellis discussed Election campaigning and conflict management. Dr Cheryl Hendricks’s article is entitled : On the campaign trail in the Western Cape. Thabisi Hoeane discussed party campaigns : the non contest election in the Eastern Cape. Mr Kenney wrote about election campaigning and conflict management in the Nothern Cape. Thabo Rapoo discussed the Election Campaigning and conflict management in Mpumalanga."