ELCI-ACTS Greening the Fishery Economy Project A Pilot Study Report on Sustainable Utilization of Biomass Energy Among the Fisher Folk of L Victoria Beaches, Kenya

"Lake Victoria has over decades been identified as a major fresh water lake and main source of fish for East African countries. Over 30 million livelihoods across the entire lake stretch depend on the lake’s existence for their survival. In Kenya, over five communities living around the lake depend on fishing as their main activity. Secondary activities related to fishing have supported many families including processing, supply of wood, boat construction, trading, transportation among others. Fishing sector has been adversely affected by climate change. Nevertheless, anthropogenic activities due to unsustainable practices along the lake have too contributed to this phenomenon through emissions and deforestation. High poverty index in the region, has contributed to majority of fish processors using inefficient processing techniques that compromise sustainability of fuel base. That is, artisanal fishers mostly cannot afford deep freezers to preserve their fish and are thus forced to sell their catch at low prices to intermediaries. For the ones who prefer to struggle to avoid selling at throw away prices, research indicates that the main methods for preservation of the bigger fishes (Nile perch and tilapia) is by smoking, especially by the male gender."