In the forthcoming governorship election in Ekiti State, what will define and shape the outcome of the result is going to be money, and incumbency (both at federal and state) might spice with a monopoly of violence. These two major factors will influence and shape the electoral outcome. The election seems to have gone beyond a contest on who governs the state, to that of two foes in the person of Fayemi and Fayose in a replay match. The campaign is being rife with hate and intimidation asides violence playing out in the street and on the pages of newspapers. As Fayemi chants he is now “Sapra Sapra” Fayose taunts back with 16-0. This has fueled the fear of rigging and violence ahead of the elections. The win at all cost mentality may likely change the historical landscape of battlegrounds and violence. It is, however, important to point out that the fear of the possible rigging and violence should not serve as a basis to militarise the elections as this may lead to voter apathy during the vote in the state. It is also essential for INEC and relevant stakeholders to heighten voter education and confidence building in the elections.