"While there have been advances in the delivery of free, fair and credible elections in many countries on our continent, the challenge to ensure ongoing consistency of the quality of elections in accordance with best electoral practice is ongoing. In 2010 over 15 countries held elections for various levels of government as well as referenda. While successful elections were held in many countries in several countries election management and results were challenged. The challenges to election outcomes also impacted on issues of governance and democratisation resulting sadly in some instances in the loss of lives and destruction of property. Within this context, during 2010, EISA continued its commitment to ensure that elections were not only conducted in the context of best electoral practices but also that they have a positive consequence for democratic governance. This was achieved not only through EISA ’s election focused work but also through our democracy and governance work. EISA ’s work has two main components, namely election interventions that contribute to a country starting on a solid footing through credible elections, and the governance and democracy work aimed at strengthening political parties, civil society organisations’ and elected representatives in ensuring accountable governance and encouraging meaningful citizen participation."